The Relevance of Health Insurance for the Younger Generation

Good health is nothing but being at your best, both physically and mentally. And being healthy is the way to wellness and happiness. It should be our top priority, long-lasting and starting from the early stages of life. The millennials of today are well-informed and innovative. But are they conscious enough to understand that financial protection against unforeseen health-related expenses is just as essential as remaining healthy? This point is relevant and critical, especially at a time when our work culture has taken a paradigm shift to sedentary nature. Moreover, in today’s competitive world, the younger generation tend to ignore their health in their race to meet the aspirations of life. The essence is that health care and health insurance aren’t anymore a concern and commodity pertaining only to the middle-aged and the elderly. The rise in the incidence and onset of many lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure in the younger age groups, along with the claims data available among insurers, signifies that the younger generation is equally susceptible to health risks that are unforeseen as well as lifestyle- induced. Besides, an unexpected hospitalization and a heavy medical bill could hit the savings, by shattering one’s dream for a better tomorrow. Hence, it is worth as well as wise to have a health insurance cover at a young age to earn the priceless gift of a long, healthy and beautiful life. How is health insurance a safe bet for younger people to have sustained wellness and happiness? The Star health insurance plans offer wide coverage from day care procedures and vector-borne diseases to maternity benefits and OPD expenses among others. Also, many wellness-related benefits and discounts are provided that are very relevant to the millennials.
Bonus for Non-Claim Years Our insurance policies offer ‘No Claim Bonus’ in the absence of any claims in the preceding year of a policy term. The accumulated bonus would ultimately rise up to 100% in the following years.
Waiting Period and Pre-Existing Diseases Certain pre-existing diseases are covered only after twelve, twenty-four or forty-eight months. The benefit ‘of buying a policy early is that pre-existing ailments automatically get covered as the person ages. Multiple Choices Between eighteen and forty years of age you have a wider choice of Star health plans than you would have in your fifties or sixties. Less Premium The premium amount is less when you insure before you are forty years old. You may claim the premium that you pay as a deduction from your total income under Section 80-D of the Income Tax Act. Your good health, well-being and peace of mind are deeply entwined with the welfare of your family and loved ones. Hence health insurance, more than an expense, is an indispensable investment for a blissful and healthy tomorrow. This is also the reason behind bringing out our Young Star Insurance Policy, which takes care of the health risks of people aged between eighteen and forty years by offering a host of unique benefits. Stay young! Stay healthy!

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