Sports Injuries #SportsInjury

Why treat injuries when you can prevent them?

Injuries are a part of every athlete’s life. An injury can be a career-ending one if it is not treated promptly. What I see most often are an incorrect diagnosis and inadequate rehabilitation. In addition, many have an underlying metabolic condition that goes unrecognized.

How does it work?

A functional diagnosis, aggressive treatment, accelerated rehabilitation, and customized injury prevention program is what an athlete needs to return to the field in the quickest possible time and stay injury-free!

Medical Fitness for Competitive Sports #PCMA

Are you medically fit for sport?

Vigorous exercise can increase the chances of sudden cardiac death. Medical conditions like coronary artery disease (CAD) and hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM) often go undiagnosed, especially in asymptomatic athletes.

How does it work?

A pre-competitive medical assessment (PCMA) not just provides an insight into the risk of competitive training on the health of the athlete, but also serves as a baseline for future comparison.

Athlete Health #AthleteHealth

Is your medical condition limiting your performance?

Athletes, like normal people, may suffer from medical conditions that need treatment. Many athletes have prescribed medications that are listed in the WADA Prohibited List which are a frequent reason for a failed dope test, an anti-doping rule violation.

How does it work?

Athletes need to prescribe alternative medications that are not a part of the WADA Prohibited list. In case of such necessity, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) certificate becomes mandatory.

Doping Control #DopingControl

Are you on steroids but need monitoring?

Many athletes, especially bodybuilders are forced to take steroids to improve their physique. Although this is not the best approach but not taking it under the guidance of a medical professional may lead to catastrophic consequences.

How does it work?

Get help from professionals to monitor your health while you are on the steroid cycle.

Medical Weight Loss #MedicalWeightLoss

Does making weight prior to weigh-in sound like a nightmare?

Athletes participating in weight-category sports like boxing, etc need to manage their body weight within a narrow range. The athletes resort to crash dieting, excessive exercise and dehydration themselves which ultimately affect their sports performance.

How does it work?

The athletes can manage their weight with ease with assistance from medical weight loss professionals, without resorting to extreme measures.