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Founder & Medical Director
The MediFit Clinic

The MediFit Clinic is a signature metabolic health clinic comprising a team of specialists in Nutritional Medicine, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. The clinic provides consultations and medical programs for the treatment, reversal and prevention of metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc

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Founder & Medical Director
Ziathlon (Previously Kinesis Sports Clinic)

Ziathlon is a multi-speciality sports clinic comprising of a team of specialists providing end-to-end services to athletes. The clinic provides consultations and programs to athletes to optimize their health and fitness, and achieve peak performance in sports. The clinic is located at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore.

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How it all started ?

I am currently the Team Doctor for the Indian Boxing Team (Elite Women). I am also the Founder & Medical Director of Ziathlon (Previously Kinesis Sports Clinic) and The MediFit Clinic. I am a tech-savvy doctor who loves to use a lot of technology to deliver healthcare.
I graduated from M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore in 2008. I am also an alumnus of the prestigious Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala, known as the Mecca of Indian Sports. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Nutrition from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.
I have vast experience working with athletes and coaches of international repute and have been a consultant to the Sports Authority of India and the Sports Authority of Karnataka. As a Doping Control Officer, I have been a part of anti-doping missions for the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) during the Indian Premier League (IPL). I have also been a Ring Side Physician for Pro Boxing.
I am a speaker at national and international conferences and a resource person for skill development workshops. I have been featured on television, radio, and print media. I have been a sportsperson, representing Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences at the South Zone Inter-University Cricket Tournament.
I am a fitness enthusiast, running, swimming, and strength training are my favourites. I am a staunch advocate of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle as medicine.


The Timeline

Head, Sports Medicine

Centre for Sports Science

Jan 2023…

As things forced me to quit Team India, I joined forces with the team of Centre for Sports Science. I was the missing link, the Sports Medicine Doctor the team never had. We are now offering sports medicine and sports science support to athletes from grass roots to the elite level, not just for the state of Karnataka but across the country.

Team Doctor

Indian Boxing (Elite Women)

Jan 2022…

It just happened. I guess I was destined for it. I was called to be the Team Doctor of the Indian Boxing team. It was a dream come true. It felt like a soldier being called for war against the rest of the world. It was a surreal experience meeting the legend M C Mary Kom. As destiny would have it, I traveled with the team to Istanbul, Turkey for the IBA Women’s World Championship. Nikhat Zareen won Gold and I am proud to have been a significant part of her success from treating her injuries to monitoring her recovery. It was goose bumps as the national anthem played post her gold medal.


The MediFit Clinic

Dec 2017…

What I had learnt in MBBS seemed like a lie. Modern medicine could not address my health issues. I explored nutrition, exercise and lifestyle as medicine, primarily to treat myself. I learnt it, I practiced it on myself, it was time to preach. After disgracefully being thrown out of a facebook group for highlighting incorrect practices, it was time to begin something better. My entrepreneurial journey began with the birth of MediFit.

Sports Medicine Specialist

Sports Authority of India

Oct 2015…

This is the setup where I could fully realize my potential, apply what I had learnt for the benefit of the country. It was a calling and a dream come true when the SAI called me back to join them. It was a beautiful experience working under two mentors (Dr. Sarala Rao and Dr. Pralay Majumdar) who are popular names in the field of Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology. I had the chance to work with national teams of Hockey, Athletics, Basketball, and Volleyball, to name a few.

Medical Officer (Sports Medicine)

Sports Authority of Karnataka

Oct 2013…

I had submitted a proposal to the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports (DYES) about what difference a Sports Medicine Doctor could make to state athletes. They offered a post as a consultant for a short duration of 11 months before things fell apart due to administrative changes.

Senior Medical Data Reviewer

Quintiles Research India Limited (Now IQVIA)

Feb 2013…

To make both ends meet, I took up a job in the field of clinical research. It paid me well and also gave me insights about how the pharma sector worked, a huge nexus in itself. This phase was a exploratory phase as I struggled with health issues of my own. Kinesis slowly bloomed as I made my mark with the motto of ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Emergency Response Centre Physician

GVK Emergency Response Research Institute

Aug 2012…

The days of lows began as I did not find jobs in Sports Medicine. Kinesis was still a baby, wasn’t paying me enough to lead a life that I had imagined in my mind. Although it was an invigorating experience working in Emergency Medicine, it was still an odd job considering my passion. I had to hang on till I saw some light at the end of the tunnel.


Kinesis Sports Clinic (Now Ziathlon)

Jun 2012…

As soon as I finished postgraduation, I felt the need to practice what I had learnt. Practice makes the man perfect, resonates with how Kinesis began. It was days of struggle as I was called a physiotherapist or sometimes even an orthopedic surgeon by those who did not understand what Sports Medicine was. They simply thought is was all about injuries. But I held on.

Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (PGDSM)

Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports

Jun 2010…

As a postgraduate, I had the chance to interact with top athletes of the country. The experience was exhilarating. The need to study in depth about medicine and sports was driven by need, not to mention the passion of combining sports and medicine. Treating injuries and illness in athletes was a challenge, much more complex than that in normal patients. That is how Sports Medicine became a career. I was one who stood strong when the whole world (my family, friends, etc) were against mme taking up Sports Medicine as a career.

Medical Officer (Sports Medicine)

Sports Authority of India

Dec 2009…

One fine day, I had a ‘eureka’ moment! I realized that I was more interested in sports and fitness than mainstream medicine or surgery. Working in a hospital setting did not entice me, it was not something that challenged me. For someone who always loved being in a tees and jeans, wearing a white coat or having a stethoscope around my neck was too boring. I wanted to pursue a career in fitness or wherever I can be close to sporting arenas. That is when the Sports Authority of India happened to me.

Duty Doctor

Dr. T V Ramesh Piles Hospital

Apr 2008…

After my undergraduate days, it was time to get serious about my career. So cricket took a back seat and the PG preparations began. To gain some experience, I began working with my father in the field of proctology. Throughout my undergraduate days, all I wanted to be is a surgeon, or so was I told. After being an athlete all my life, I had to be fit, so I continued my fitness journey at the gym At this point, I did not know what life had in store for me.

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

M S Ramaiah Medical College

Sep 2002…

Both my parents are doctors. So naturally, I was more tuned towards medicine. My journey of medicine began at M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore in 2002. It was a tough one, the transition took some time. But the silver lining was that I resumed my cricket, that kept me going through the thick and thin of the academic journey. It only rained sixes as I represented the college and the university at the South Zone Inter University Cricket Tournament.


Sports Authority of India

Sports Medicine Specialist
Oct 2015 to Mar 2020 | Jun 2012 to Mar 2013 | Dec 2009 to June 2010

IQVIA (Previously Quintiles Research India Limited)

Senior Medical Data Reviewer
Feb 2013 to Feb 2016

GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute

Emergency Response Center Physician
Aug 2012 to Feb 2013

Dr. T V Ramesh Piles Hospital

Duty Doctor
Apr 2008 to Dec 2009

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Google Reviews

Avinash B MAvinash B M
17:59 06 Feb 22
I have been consulting Dr Bharath at Kinesis sports clinic for nearly 7 years now.Doctor has been able to rightly identify and give the the best treatment and workout routines to recover and regain strength and functionality to all my injuries.Also he has treated my friends and family too with good results and feedback from all.He has fantastic credentials and experience being a doctor at Sporta authority of India and now being the doctor for Indian boxing teamHe also helps people reverse metabolic diseases like diabetes, pcos and obesity etc through Nutrition and lifestyle program.Highly recommend any one with sports injury to consult Dr Bharath here.
Ruchir PatilRuchir Patil
13:41 06 Aug 21
We consulted Dr. Bharat for my wife's shoulder impingement. Grateful for his diagnosis and the support he is providing. She is recovering well and we are happy with results
pratima anandpratima anand
14:05 17 May 21
I was diagnosed with Carpel tunnel syndrome by another doctor and they told that surgery was the only solution. I was looking for alternative therapy as i did not want a surgery.Having known Dr. Bharat for a while, i took an appointment.He examined me and he ruled out carpel tunnel syndrome and adviced a few sessions of physiotherapy and some simple exercises which would solve my problems.He introduced me to Ms.Jenny for physiotherapy and within four to five sessions i could feel a good relief when she diagnosed my trigger points and treated them.She is very knowledgeable ,well qualified and knows her job very well. She is very patient and easily approachable. By the end of ten sessions 80% of my problems was solved.She adopts very different techniques which give a good relief.Many thanks to Dr. Bharat and Ms.Jenny for saving me from a surgery and helping me to get back to my normal routine.
Anil Kumar G.NAnil Kumar G.N
06:08 24 Sep 20
Had been to Kenisis Sports Clinic for my daughter's shoulder pain. Consulted Dr. Bharat Kumar for the same. He was very humble and had great patience listening to the shoulder problem of my daughter. He thoughly checked the problem and advised for Ultrasound scanning. The best part is he asked me to send the scanned report to his number for further assessment, instead of me travelling all the way to his clinic. He assessed the problem immediately and adviced medication without any delay. His reply was instant. I'm very happy consulting him and he justified in treating her. Thank you doctor.
Dr Eash HoskoteDr Eash Hoskote
05:01 02 Feb 20
Dr Bharath is an excellent sports Doctor who relies more on clinical diagnosis than investigative diagnosis.I had a persistent Knee problem for years and was slowly going into depression and overweight.He made a simple diagnosis and the treatment was very simple and advised changes in lifestyle.Small steps towards healthy lifestyle and the Whatsapp group where he offers lots of info was the turning point.Keep up the good work Doctor 💪.God Bless you.
Srinivas Sastry KSrinivas Sastry K
12:31 01 Oct 22
A very systematic approach with regular follow ups / reviews by professionals result of which I have been able to reduce my weight by 6 kgs .. still continuing for better health. All the three Successful mantras will not only remove the wrong myths but also bring you new lifestyle. I suggest if any one is obese then this is the right place to subscribe without any hesitations.. happy living,
Myself and my wife consulted with Medifit and the program was fabulous. I learnt a lot of basics through the program. What was more important for me was the effort by Medifit to ensure we remain healthy through tests in addition to diet and other routines. I also learnt some specifics around what parameters to look for and how food changes some of them. Overall it was a great program.. balakrishnan and sandhya
Tejaswini ATejaswini A
13:27 15 Sep 22
HelloOne of my friend introduced me to MediFit when I was trying to lose weight . I was overweight with high belly fat, I also had other health issues like Asthma and pain in my right foot because of flat feet . When I started my program initially there was a medical assessment by the Doctor based on that my Diet was planned . The Nutrition plan was very simple and easy to follow . Once I started following my program within 2 weeks I felt much better and more active than ever before. This motivated me to follow the program strictly without any deviation . It has been 9 months since I started following the program, I lost almost 14kg . Because of weight loss my foot pain also reduced and I'm feeling much better .I am very happy to be a part of MediFit’s metabolic health program. I want to thank Dr.Bharath and his team for their constant support . Along with the weight loss I also gained knowledge about nutrition and fitness .With this knowledge I can help my family members to lead better lives .
Lincy MariyaLincy Mariya
14:58 20 Jun 22
Though I joined Medifit with a lot of apprehensions in mind, today I can proudly recommend Team Medifit with confidence. With their constant support and motivation, I lost 18 Kgs in 9 months in a sustainable manner. The highlight of their medical weight loss program is that the diet plan is customised as per individual's food habit. They never introduced any exotic ingredients in the diet. I continued to enjoy eating my traditional cuisine based on their diet plan which was never stressful. The regular follow up sessions with the entire team helped me to clarify all my concerns. Instead of giving me instructions, the team educated me to lead a healthy lifestyle.Thank you Medifit
Mithun DhaliMithun Dhali
12:24 21 May 22
I have lost 10.1kg in 3 month. I have found the diet relatively flexible and easy to follow. No exotic ingredient, normal home food works. Other than that they check portion etc. by WhatsApp photo, and have support of medical doctors who review progress plus related illnesses.



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